2 thoughts on “Kuzio: Putin’s strategy to provoke overreaction by Ukraine in Crimea”

  1. Important information about the Occupation of Crimea by Putin. Putin wants The Oil deposits in Black Sea around Crimea, this is the only reason he sent his Army there. Ukraine could be independent of Russia Oil in 2 to 3 years with it. Search on the web for Ukraine Oil Map, and you will see a map of Black sea where Oil is surrounding Crimea. In 2012, Ukraine gave EXXON Oil Company the go ahead to develop this Ukraine Sovereign waters for Oil exploration and Drilling. Putin wants this for himself so he can keep Ukraine is Dependent on Russian Oil, and Russia’s Oil pipe goes through Ukraine of course. Everything else Putin says about his invasion is a Lie, to distract everyone from this fact.
    If Ukraine gains this Oil in Black Sea, it will give over 50 years of Billions of barrels of oil to Ukraine, and it will become very successful and wealthy.
    Putin wants this Oil for himself and his cronies, he wants Ukraine to be dependent on Russia.
    So, the world should be spread, that if you are in the Russian army, you are supporting the crime of theft from Ukraine, you are supporting Putin in Stealing Oil from Ukraine, Impoverishing Ukraine, and taking away their ability to pay their debts. Russian Soldiers, and Russians in Russia, must know now, and fast, that this is what this stand off, and occupation of Ukraine is really about. If Russian people and Soldiers learn of this fact, and it is rammed home, they may be less supportive of Putins action, when they know it is a crime, and a robbery.
    Its Robbery

  2. Great summary. I might add that Putin’s sending his “tourists throughout the east to provoke unrest and even violence to further justify his invasions/incursions, an age-old Soviet tactic. Cui bono, from a Ukrainian civil war? Obviously Russia. Will the U.S. stand up to him? He seems only to understand force. I seriously doubt Putin wants to start a massive war over this and explain to mothers why their sons are dying over in Ukraine, a country with a shared past. But as the speaker points out, Putin is fundamentially irrational. He wants to reunite the old empire and his efforts didn’t begin in Ukraine, and they will certainly not stop there. But I have family there and I will do everything in my power to spread the truth about this despot and expose the massive Soviet, er, Russian, propaganda for what it is.

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