Moscow calls for UN resolution "inviting Russia to deploy its peacekeeping forces" in Ukraine

Russia is suggesting that UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on the deployment of Russian peacekeepers to the MH17 crash site, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday at a meeting with young Tajik diplomats in Dushanbe, reports RIA Novosti.

“When we hear in the background of the obvious facts, calling for Russia to provide access to international observers to the crash site, I just do not see another option than to suggest that the Security Council adopt a resolution – if they are convinced that only Russia can do it – adopt a resolution inviting Russia to deploy its peacekeeping forces to provide security to the perimeter around the crash site.” – Lavrov

Recall that mobilized Russian peacekeeping forces have been seen in the Belgorod region, near Kharkiv in recent weeks. The introduction of Russian peacekeepers were a key element of Russia’s pretext for the invasion of, and war with, Georgia in 2008.

16 thoughts on “Moscow calls for UN resolution "inviting Russia to deploy its peacekeeping forces" in Ukraine”

  1. I hope the UN is not as stupid as the Russian think they are. Russian peacekeepers, that is an oxymoron if I have ever heard of one!!

  2. I wish see “peacekeepers”, but Ruskies as peacekeeper is hilarious. Multinational “Peacekeeper” forces can be OK, if Ukrainian Gov. shows Green -light, others are just stupid way to try take over independent country.

    (Repels ofcource kill all others but Ruskies)

  3. Ukraine does not need a peacekeeping force. It needs the separatists to come to their senses. How many times does the World have to tell you separatists that there are no “Banderites” as you put it, in charge in Kiev. If you don’t believe the Western media go and ask Ukrainians yourself. Kiev is offering Russian speakers everything they want except Federalization. Autonomy is what you really want so I would take it and live a happy life.

    1. vmesto Maidana idite v etot raz na front! Osvobodite stranu i posle etogo mitinguite!!!!

  4. Then Russia just has to kill some of its own people and blame it on ukraine and Viola, reason to annex Ukraine too.

    Common Russia, you are off your game. Your gunna have to be at least a little more creative than textbook false flag coldwar stuff from 3 decades ago.

  5. I called this several weeks ago. How could anyone with a sane mind let Russia act as peacekeepers in Ukraine. They wanna do this not only to invade but set up so Ukraine looks quilty of downing the plane. OMG if the UN allows this America needs to stop paying them one penny.

  6. Yea, that’s just not going to happen.
    That move was pathetically obvious.
    Putin, have definitely run out of ideas.guy you might want to step down while you still have a choice.

  7. Russia sending in ‘peacekeepers’ is as bad as their offer to send in ‘humanitarian aid’ which the Ukrainians declined. It turns out that Russia’s humanitarian aid to the separatists also included bullet proof vests and other stuff.

  8. I think the general reaction is probably something along the lines of ‘ha ha ha, oh you’re serious?’

  9. Think his thugs are already there and don’t seem suited to be considered as “peacekeepers.”

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