Police exhume more ‘mass dumping sites’ of executed victims in Sloviansk


A number of journalists, including VICE News’ Simon Ostrovsky, who has done some of the best reporting on the crisis in eastern Ukraine to date, posted photos today of an exhumation being conducted by police. Police informed Ostrovsky that the dig site he witnessed was used as a ‘mass dumping site’ for victims executed by men under Russian terrorist Igor Girkin’s command. At the mass grave, skeletal remains of those from the Russian-Ukrainian civil war also turned up during the dig for bodies.

Recall that previous mass graves were discovered in the city, notably containing priest’s and their families, and documents have shown Girkin to have carried out summary executions on residents of the city.

Update from CNN:


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  1. Wherever russians go, they seem to leave piles of bodies, or if they can get enough labor, get them to dig their own mass graves…..

  2. It seems to be very popular in Russia. Or maybe they’ll just say it’s American propaganda and they’ll only believe their own propaganda.

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