Pro-Russian performers in Donetsk make Nazi salutes

Yesterday in Donetsk performers celebrating the 6 month anniversary of the self-declared “Donetsk People’s Republic” took part in a Nazi march while giving a torrent of Hitler salutes. The performers mocked Ukrainians as “Nazis” and “fascists” in Donetsk’s main square, but did so under the flag of “New Russia” while German music played in the background.

Russians enacted a similar, but much more lavish performance during a national broadcast in occupied Sevastopol earlier in the summer.

8 thoughts on “Pro-Russian performers in Donetsk make Nazi salutes”

  1. It’s going to be a generation after Russia is defeated utterly, before I’ll trust Moscow politicians, again…Putin-Huilo

  2. this looks like a fun way to spend your weekend in Russian military occupied Donetsk. Are these teenage girls all coming from the rape camps that the occupants have organized there? If so, than this nazzie dance may be a good change in their daily routine of servicing Russian mercenaries and solders

    1. they’ll end up marrying DPR terrorists like “Motorola” who already has a wife back in Russia…this is just like the Hitler youth…

  3. What a feeble attempt at propaganda. I hope no one actually falls for this BS. Wow, what a “huge” crowd!

  4. It looks like they are performing a play, acting as Ukrainian nationalists, you can clearly see the Ukrainian flag on their chest.

    1. Maybe they are Ukrainians (flag on their chest) who don’t want to be Russian but haven’t much choice.

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