Pro-Russian separatist ‘Supreme Soviet’ forms “Union of People’s Republics”


Representatives of self-declared Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics signed a joint document at a session of its Supreme Soviet, declaring the “Constitutional Act of the merger of “the Union of People’s Republics.”

“Today members of the DPR Supreme Council voted for a single constitution of New Russia. It means that the DPR and LPR will share the same constitution,” prime minister of the Donetsk Republic, Alexander Borodai, said. Borodai is a Russian citizen with ties to anti-semitic organizations.

Separatist leaders announced that their ‘republics’ will be rebranded “People’s Union Republics,” acting in a new Soviet-era styled “Union of People’s Republics.”

The DPR and LPR and legally classified as terrorist organizations in Ukraine.

Area controlled by 'New Russia' in relation to the ongoing Anti-Terrorist Operation
Area controlled by ‘New Russia’ in relation to the ongoing Anti-Terrorist Operation