Provallia in flames, details on Russian rocket strike


The aftermath of yesterday’s reported hail of Russian rockets into Ukraine is starting reveal itself. Further video footage posted online shows billowing clouds of smoke rising above the Ukrainian town of Provallia, Luhansk region.

While Provallia was mentioned briefly in a government report posted noon yesterday, in an update from the Ministry of Defense, it is now known that two attacks were made on the area of the town, one at 3pm and another from 7-9pm. The Grad rockets were firing on Ukrainian forces.

Street view of the video location
Street view of the video location

The video, which shows definitively that the Russian salvo struck a Ukrainian locale, has been verified for its location. Google Maps provides a Street View of the very hill at the edge of the Russian town of Gukovo where the video was taken. Closer footage of the damage has not yet been presented.

‘Grad’ rocket launchers, which translates literally to “hail,” are a weapon which relies on scorching a given area rather than hitting specific targets. Ruling on quantity of strikes over quality, the volley of unguided rockets from a Grad have been described as a “definite psychological weapon.”

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  1. Boots on the ground ..USA, NATO, Europe stop talking cause we already don’t believe a word you say. If we don’t see boots on the ground we can all assume that everyone has decided Ukraine will be a rump state for Russia. All the insults haven’t stopped Putler from doing one thing he’s wanted to do . Allies need to show Putin he can’t get away with doing whatever he wants and get away with it.

  2. Putin is done: it’s over……shooting down that airliner, by his handpicked Colonel Igor Strelkov, now ties him directly to a now-international Terrorist ( yes…capital “T” ), who will be arrested and taken to jail……period…

    Putin has reaped the whirlwind…..and it’s his own greed and stupidity that now have turned him and his band of cutthroats as international pariahs….

    Wanted for: murder… comes NATO, the EU, and the US……

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