Putin: DNR will always get weapons, and we won't let them lose

Russian President Vladimir Putin says insurgent and terrorist groups in Ukraine’s east “will always get weapons,” including armored vehicles and artillery in response to questions of Russia’s material involvement the war against Ukraine.  He reiterated this position on the German channel ARD prior to the G20 Summit in Australia, days after NATO officials confirmed reports that the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine was continuing full speed despite an agreed upon ceasefire.

The Russian president also stated he would not allow Ukraine to win the war, calling for “dialog” instead: “This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. Is that what you want? We certainly don’t. And we won’t let it happen.”

Justifying his potion, the paranoid dictator expressed concerns that Ukraine would begin the “ethnic cleansing” (presumably) of Russians, and that the pro-Western government would become a “neo-Nazi state.”

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  1. It is possibly a sad fact that Putin is defeated but to save face must keep supplying the DNR LNR traitorous and holidaying troops. In time the Ukrainian army will eventually destroy most of the traitors at which point Russian troops will finish there holidays and go home.In effect the Ukrainian army will remove any further need for Putin to be there.In this period he has hoped that the Ukrainian military will be depleted giving him an opportunity to start another conflict on another section of the border ,like Odessa.What he is missing is that this conflict has strengthened the resolve of the Ukrainian military (and volunteer divisions) with the support of the people (Russian speaking included) to stopping any further moves by him to take Ukraine.He has lost but just will not lay down and die or give up.To him lives mean nothing.

    1. I rather think that Ukrainian forces fight as long as there is one man standing. And after that Putin will make rest of Ukraine a part of Russia again. Even a loss of 100.000 Russian soldiers would not turn his head if he is determined to replace the Kyiv regime back to Soviet style obeying one.

  2. And again “big bad vlad “denies that there are no russian troops and weapons in Ukrainia !
    But now it is another story with words like genocide,neo-nazism,ethnic purge !
    But of course we must understand him, after the chilling meeting in Brisbane !
    We did he think ? That G19 was waiting for the saviour of the planet ?

    1. My understanding was Putin finally admitting he sent ammunition, artillery, and cannon fodder to east Ukraine in his speech.

      One would have thought it would have been less deadly and less expensive if Putin would have offered to relocate those people that wished to be in Russia. Also, the mothers, wives, and children of the cargo 200 would have their sons, husbands, and fathers a while longer. Same with the Ukrainian families that have lost loved ones and the families of MH17. May they RIP.

      1. Yes, Putin only one hand admits he will continue sending weapons to Ukraine and on the other hand denies he’s sending weapons to Ukraine. OMG…He and his regime are all manics. Europe do something fast. Start assasinnating them one by one. Let the middle east take care of ISIS…that’s not your major problem…Putin is!!!!

  3. I see that Mr. Putin wants to get further sanctions from us 😉
    Here you are Putin, you will get them soon and the end of your power is a sure thing 🙂
    God bless Ukraine!

    1. He will certainly do as hitler did ! Take hell with him in the last fire !
      Lives of russians or Ukrainians do not matter to him. A dead russian soldier is worth 400$ for the family.

      1. According to what I read yesterday, Putler’s current preference is to leave the corpses scattered in the fields around Donetsk airport (or rather what was the airport just 6 months ago!) – whereby they are devoured by packs of starving dogs which now roam wild n the area. – Presumably, that approach saves him 400$ per ‘stiff’ – not to mention the economies made on all the zinc coffins?!

    2. Just what exactly are sanctions going to do. Putin is not intimidated by sanctions but rather by force and cohesion. Sure it may hurt the average Russian citizen but sanctions have proven ineffective against Iran. Sanctions need to be applied as full sectoral sanctions without possibility for being removed. That won’t happen because the West is more concerned about doing business again with Russia and negotiations.

      The West deserves what it will get and so do their leaders.

      1. The sanctions are exactly the right way to go – Russian economy is already in a recession and the deeper it goes the more it will cost Russian oligarchs that Putin likes to surround himself with. Eventually, if the starving Russians don’t get him, Putin’s “friends” will.
        As far as harming Russian and Iranian economies, these sanctions certainly have worked and are expected to continue to work.

        1. Sanctions are intended for long-term results and best applied against companies not countries. Perhaps you are confusing Sanctions with Embargo ?

          1. No, embargo means total blockage of a certain product, group of products, etc. That is not happening here. These are sanctions. And sanctions do not apply to companies. Sanctions apply to people, companies, countries, groups, etc.

          2. Then explain how has sanctions affected Russia already. Their foreign reserves are enough to withstand up to several years depending on the pricing of crude oil. Sanctions have achieved nothing other than laughs from Putin. It’s too little too late.

          3. Actually, Russian government currency reserves had gone down from $490B to $425B.

            Major banks, connected with Rosneft and Gazprom have lost their ability to receive credits in Europe with terms of more than 30 days. As the result both have asked and been guaranteed government subsidies of more than 1 trillion rubles each.

            Russian oil and gas industry function with western equipment, which will no longer be available, this is more of the long term.

            The flight of foreign capital (due to fear of sanctions) has reached $120B since March

            Just a few things that came to mind right away.

          4. Yes and I am not denying that there hasn’t been an economic impact already. However it is mostly affecting lower and middle class Russians rather than the oligarchs or the politicians.

            The government will bailout Russian companies as they have already outlined and stated.

            As for lack of equipment all it is doing is forcing Russia to build up and invest in their indigenous industries especially for areas where they are lacking.

            As I said earlier sanctions are a long-term effect and best applied against companies and not countries. Iran has been under sanctions for many years now and they haven’t been lifted. Just look at what those sanctions have achieved.

            As for foreign reserves Russia estimates 18 months with those reserves with oil at $80 a barrel. 12months with <$60 a barrel.

          5. Well, the flight of capital does affect the oligarchs. But you are right, middle and lower class Russians do suffer much more.

            As for “building up and investing in their industry” – do you really think that these industries just sitting there awaiting the key to be turned on? Soviet age manufacturing has died and nothing replaced it. The King Oil and King Gas were going to feed Russia into the 22 century.

            Additionally, Russian budget had been signed with a $95/barrel oil price in mind. At $94/barrel they will probably not balance it

            At $75-81 where it is right now, they are screwed.

          6. Russia has contingency plans up to $60 a barrel which is why I said earlier that they can last up to 12 Months at $60 a barrel on their foreign reserves.

            As for their indigenous industries they have alot of abandoned factories and facilities from the 1990’s. They can re-utilize them to lessen their dependency on the West and in turn also increase trade and co-operation with China on areas that require development. Of course China looks at Siberia and the Ural’s for ‘anschluss’ but they are waiting…

          7. I would not classify 12-months as long term, though. Russia may not have the comfort of several budget years without a balanced budget.

            Those abandoned facilities are not from 1990s but from 1980s. Replete with 1980s technology. New technology they might find a bit difficult to come by as a lot of it is included in the most recent round of sanctions

          8. Russia will cut many things from the budget that doesn’t prioritize what Putin and his oligarch buddies consider a priority. Just look at right now how they are touching the pensions and education and other aspects of the budget.

            Yes those abandoned facilities are from the 1980’s during Brezhnev’s oversight. It should be pointed out that they were abandoned in the 1990’s due to foreign investors trying to buy up as much of Russian industry and technology that was accessible due to Yeltsin’s policies.

            As for technology they will continue to look to China to replace EU and the US. China has their own agenda but they also seek to make money off the Russians while building up their forces for a takeover of Siberia/Urals.

            This is why sanctions don’t work. It takes many years and requires full sectoral sanctions across all spectrums. The sanctions we have right now are child’s-play and not even full sectoral sanctions which would be more effective.

            Ukraine needs to rebuild their nuclear arsenal and contact Poland about purchasing more military equipment. I am not sure if you read up on this but Poland was recently offering quite a variety of military equipment for Ukraine a few months back. I haven’t heard what happened to that offer.

          9. One of the most important reasons why Putin enjoys such an unquestioned authority in Russia is his high support among the common people. You start cutting pensions and you will have people up in arms. In fact, that may be the only thing they understand. Look what’s happoening in Sverdlovsk and Chervonopartisansk in LNR: as soon as people got wing of the terrorists being unable to pay pensions and provide social net – they are revolting now.

            It is not important why those factories are not operating. The point is technology is old and/or non-functioning, most people who operated it are either dead (Russian life expectancy is ridiculously low), abroad, or retired. It will take years, if not decades to restart it. And, becoming China’s protectorate, or oil appendage, is, certainly not in Putin’s plans.

            The sanctions are working already. In a couple of years Russia will be operating on a huge budget deficit with very low currency reserves and with no major foreign investment (which we already see happening)

            And, yes, I read on Polish offer. The one thing I liked about it is Poles promissed to bring their consultants to help Ukrainian forces in utilising the equipment. But it wasn’t “months ago”. I thought this was in October.

          10. Eugene is right. The situation after 20 days from your discussion prooves this. Russian currency resreves are 425 billions USD. The banks which are under sanctions need 250 bln. USD only till the end of 2014. Rosnieft needs another 50 bln. USD till the end of 2014. Couple of billions for the rescue of Russian rubble, couple of billions for other companies, and yoy have maximum 100 bln. USD in the begining of 2015. And the oil price is still low, rubble goes down, inflation is increasing too.
            Yes, maybe Russia could had survive with 425 bln. USD till the end of 2015, but not under the circumstcies we have now. They can survive maximum till March 2015 and what then? The sanctions work better than we could expect.

          11. Russia is now getting all the oil/gas industry equipment it wants via international corporations domiciled in “neutral” Switzerland. So Russia has got around that sanction with active Western assistance. That sanction looks good but now exists only on paper & in practice is now non-existant

          12. As far as I know, Switzerland has joined almost all the EU sanctions. Perhaps, you need to provide more information?

      2. DejaVu…you’re right about the west deserving what it gets from Russia but, Ukraine does not. Unfortunately, Ukraine is suffering for all of Europe. Who will come to their aid????? No one is stepping up….Couldn’t all the ex-soviet countries get together with Ukraine and take on the Russian army? That’s what it will take….so far I’ve seen no move in that direction. As long as they are remain cowards they will all go down one by one.

        1. Sandy, when Finland was invaded by Russia in 1939-40 what happened? The whole democratic Western world rose up! All supporting tiny, “democratic and liberal ” Finland- all in a loud chorus- word for word just as today- everyone standing by Finland! How? just as today only with… WORDS, HOT AIR!
          Finland fought all alone. Of course Ukraine will fight entirely alone. Of course no one will lift a finger to help Ukraine. This is simply realpolitik 101. We just need to read Macchiavelli’s PRINCE to see how this has happened over and over…

          1. The problem is the russian disease called ‘bolshevism’ has infected the west and turned out legion of socialist/liberal/progressives. We call them “useful idiots” of russia. The head of the USA, our president is a criminal, sociopathic liar that will do nothing but steal here. And try to continue and destroy us and sever any linkages with our allies.

            Thus, free nations around the cesspool called ‘russia’ need to take a lesson from Finland in their Winter War. Free people need to start arming themselves, their citizens, and become proficient in modern weaponry. Modern weaponry that a guerilla would use is pretty simple and VERY leathal. Arm yourselves and train yourselves.

            I still can’t believe Poland of all places has such restrictive firearms laws for their people.

          2. Not exactly. GB, France and Poland had prepared a military corps ready to be sent to Finland. Unfortunately, when English-French-Polish units were ready, the war had been finshed. Later on those units were sent to Norway.

  4. with this statement the West should provide lethal aid to Ukraine and state CLEARLY and VEHEMENTLY that the West will always send weapons and will not let Ukraine lose.

  5. Time to supply Ukrainians with arms made in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic as well as any American arms that we supply the Poles with. I really think that those Warthog A-10’s would come into their own as a heritage of their worth to the military, ours or the Ukrainians

    1. That is a nice idea as USA is retiring the Warthogs. But as they are so slow, can they be used without air superiority? And gaining that, when the “rebels” get Russian state-of-the-art AA missiles, is pretty big task to do.

    2. Do you really expect that Ukrainian troops that have been trained on T-64 and T-84 (or T-72) will just get into the Abrams or Bradleys (which they may not have ever seen in their lives) and operate them? Or can you imagine NATO supplying MiG-29s, SU-25s, or T-84s? Not likely. Ukrainians need defensive weapons not offensive weapons. Kharkiv tank factory already has 600 T-64s and T-84s sitting on the factory floor.
      Ukrainians need precision weaponry and, possibly, shoulder-held ATs.

      1. Have you forgotten about East German military stocks or stocks from former Warsaw Pact countries? Hungary recently supplied T-72M’s as part of an earlier deal this summer.

        As for the state of those tanks perhaps you should look at the pictures. They are in a decrepit state and would require alot of maintenance and refurbishment to get into an operational state.

        1. Now, I do not have a problem with this. But these are Hungarian and Czech stocks (and East German). People here expect Obama to supply lethal military aid. And the only kind that Obama can supply to Ukraine are the high-precision rockets and some types of anti-tank weaponry (even though Ukraine has a lot of it, just not the freshest stuff)

          The 600 tanks at the Kharkiv factory are the ones that were just manufactured. We’re not talking about the hundreds of decommissioned tanks.

          1. That is actually covered under the defensive high-precision weaponry that I was talking about several posts higher.

            You do need to remember that despite the advance militaries participating in the conflict in Eastern Europe, the fighting is actually relatively low-tech.

          2. I wouldn’t classify the fighting as low-tech but rather low-intensity as it stands currently. Both sides possess advanced weaponry (as seen in the case of the MH17 shootdown) but haven’t fully utilized their best arsenals (probably saving it for when it is really needed).

            Although the Novorossiya Military forces do not have a fully operational air-force their armed forces are well supplied via the ‘voentorg’ from Russia. Take for example the delivery of T-72B3 to Donbass and also fragments of Pantsir being found.

          3. I actually did mean low-tech but not from clean technology standpoint but from not utilizing the most powerful weaponry. Ukrainian Army, to my knowledge has used Tochka U rockets once or twice and never used T-84 Oplot tanks (T-64 BM modifications)

            Russian still had not used Iskenders or any rocket-propelled weaponry of significant caliber.

          4. The T-84 Oplot is actually a modification of the T-84 which is based on the T-80U/UD. Similar technology is used in the T-64BM but they are different tanks altogether (T-64BM is a modernization of T-64BV with Nizh era).

            I’ve heard of reports of the T-84 Oplot being used this summer however I can’t confirm them.

            As far as Ukraine withholding high-tech equipment that’s a simple answer: Russian invasion on multiple-sectors/fronts.

          5. You might be right on Oplot, I confused T-84 Oplot with a T-64BM Bulat).

            As for T-84 being used in this conflict, it was my belief that this was no more than just a rumour. There is about 85 of these tanks and they were never purchased by the Ukrainian MOD, so they have remained unused (and Pakistanis did not purchase them either)

  6. The Berlin wall was called an “anti fascist wall.” DDR’s Ulbrecht used the big Leninist lie, just one month before he built the wall he said “No one is planning to build a wall”… always label your opposition as “fascists” is the left’s constant ad hominem ploy. Anyone who is democratic has always been a “Fascist” for this mindset.

    Putin’s grandfather was a CHEKA officer. What does that mean? It means that DAILY, EVERY DAY -FOR YEARS- he tortured to death-murdered- scores of good people WITH HIS OWN HANDS. This sort of thing is passed on generationally. His grandson “Vladik” Putin too is a mass murderer…

  7. Putin has officially lost his mind. President Poroshenko stated that he was willing to give the Russian speakers everything that they want except independence, which is out of the question because it has to be voted on in a national referendum by all of Ukrainians, and I don’t think the people will give Ru

  8. That’s it Vlad just keep digging.
    You will put Russia in a grave with in a year.
    Now that Ukraine has wisely cut off the government funding in the occupied areas let’s see if Mr Putin puts his money where his mouth is?

  9. the confessions of a war criminal, if donbas wanted russia then they can have it and cross the border but for now Ukraine will restore order in the east

  10. As a teaching point;This is what it looks like when you paint your self into a corner.

    “Wars begin when you chose but rarely end when you prefer.”

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