Rockets fired from Russia into Ukraine


Video surfaced today showing rocket salvos being fired from Russian territory into Ukraine. The rockets are likely from BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers, a common weapon deployed to date by Russian-backed militants and also responsible for various attacks on Ukrainian military positions, as well as civilian areas.

Rocket attack location highlighted in red
Rocket attack location highlighted in red

The Interpreter reported on the ongoing attacks from the Russian border, and was able to geo-locate the videos to the outskirts of Gukovo, in Krasnosulinsky District, Rostov Oblast.

Twitter reports in recent days have indicated that attacks have increasingly originated from Russia. A source recently indicated to Kommersant newspaper that Russia was planning “surgical strikes” into Ukraine, saying “Our patience is not boundless,” stressing that “this means not a massive action but exclusively targeted single strikes on positions from which the Russian territory is fired at.” Sentiment for attacks on Ukraine in response for alleged ‘shelling’ was also reciprocated by deputy speaker of Russia’s upper house, Yevgeniy Bushmin. “We should use precision weapons, like Israel, to destroy those who fired [into Russia],” Bushmin was quoted.

The U.S. Department of State says it is ‘confident’ that the Russian government is mobilizing tanks from old stock to the Rostov region, and that tanks, artillery, and multiple rocket launchers have already been delivered to militants in Ukraine – several of which were transferred this past weekend alone. It also says the number of rocket launchers and other equipment has doubled in recent time on the Russian side of the border.

The Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA), a heavily pro-Russian news agency that mostly focuses on anti-Ukrainian propaganda (but also interviews and coverage of the militants themselves) also published video of a GRAD attack today at roughly the same time as the other videos. Though its location could not immediately be verified, it does however provide a more up-close look at how these attacks operate up close.

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    1. Sandy, economically the US cannot do much. It is up to Europe especially the East German Merkel ( I lost all respect for this woman!) and poor socialist France to be willing to sacrifice their business interests for the sake of Ukrainian sovereingty and freedom. But they are not willing to do so. The US should lift the arms embargo and supply Ukraine with defensive weapons and training.

      1. Actually, the U.S. can and likely will do more economically. Access to the US Dollar is, for now at least, crucial for Russia as an oil and gas exporter, BUT you are right, the onus is on Europe.

      2. If Russia is actively involved to this extent the US needs to up it’s ante. The US can send the UA secure radios, MREs THAT ACTUALLY GET TO THE TROOPS. Access to US Intel would go ALONG way towards winning. Facilitating supplies of weapons and spare parts from Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Particularly Anti Aircraft defenses. Modern artillery fire direction computers and GPS will make the UAA
        artillery more accurate and save lives.
        For good or bad (mostly bad) this is a proxy war. The US needs to star acting like it.
        Obama wants to spend 500M on Syria. At least UA support will not end in Islamist hands.

  1. For any fellow Americans who remember that freedom isn’t free and want to help those fighting for freedom and democracy against Putin’s thugocracy, there are ways us ordinary people can help. Donate to maidan run groups like and During the US war for independence France was there for us. Ukrainians deserve Americans to be there for them during their struggle for independence from Russia’s empirical ambitions.

  2. Humans need to protect themselves from russians and their equals, the trained apes from chechnya.

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