Russia Sanctions Lithuania for Supporting Ukraine


Russia has imposed sanctions against Lithuania and embargoed the port of Klaipeda in response to its foreign policy with Ukraine

On Thursday morning the Lithuanian parliament condemned the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and its occupation of the territory of a sovereign country. The parliament said that it strongly supports the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine and expressed political solidarity with the new Ukrainian authorities; they also supported sanctions against Russia, while favoring visa liberalization and the early signing of the European Union Association Agreement with Ukraine slated for next week.

In response, Russia has temporarily suspended the import of food products into the Customs Union. If a Western (specifically, American) company wants to deliver goods through Lithuania to Russia or a Customs Union state, Russian officials will order it to go “through other ports which do not belong to Lithuania [or] to certain other countries,” according to Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius. Russian media calls Lithuania’s pro-Ukrainian policy “anti-Russian.”

[one_fourth]Lithuania’s exports to Russia amount for a fifth of its total exports and remain an integral part of its economy.[/one_fourth]

“This is a way for Russia to show that having political positions which do not meet their interests are punished in some way,” said Robertas Dargis, president of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. “In Lithuania’s case, punishment is usually through economic means, which we saw many times previously.”

Prime Minister Butkevicius said that because of Russia’s actions, all the terminals of the Klaipeda port can neither “export nor re-export or import.”

On Friday, a cooperation and partnership agreement was signed between the Klaipeda State Seaport and the Port of Houston, Texas.

“Although these Russian commentators do not say so, what Moscow is doing in Klaipeda is not only an act of revenge against Lithuania but a test of Western and especially NATO resolve.  In the absence of a clear and forceful response, more such testing of the alliance is unfortunately likely in the coming days.” said political analyst Paul Goble.

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      1. this has nothing to do with standing with ukr. we are talking about giving independence to the Russian people of dontsk @lushansk ? just like Lithuania,latvija ,Estonia fought for independence from The Soviet Union!!

        1. Oh really?! As I know this is not a fight for a independence. This is a killing of thousands innocent people who are living in Ukraine. I repeat: in Ukraine! Nobody has been killing people in Russia. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine has the only one aggressor – Putin and Russian arogance against all the world. This is a fight of dominance. If there is any Russians who wants to be free, they are welcome to Russia.

          Are they? 😉

        2. no you’re talking about Putin who wants to bring back the ol’ USSR gang – he is scary but I’m pretty sure he knows they can’t handle the USA, even with China’s help

  1. The Vladimir Putin regime is its own worst enemy. Europe will find a new path without Russia. Now from who did Imperial Russia seize the Far East Territories and who is going to be the next super power? Who is not thinking strategically?

  2. If Putin invades continental Ukraine all hell will break loose. And Obama has the lowest approval ratings of any non-wartime President in history. Obama’s failed domestic policies have stretched Americans to their razor edge. If he, Obama, cannot stand with our allies in NATO, then we will find his replacement. This is intolerable that Lithuania has been left to twist in the wind. I’ve demanded my senators investigate this state of affairs. It may not amount to much, but their are Americans who are trying, trying to make sure the government honours it’s treaties.

    1. Obama has sent F15’s to Lithuania and Poland. My understanding is current NATO rules don’t allow the stationing of NATO soldiers from non-Baltic State countries in the Baltic States. I would be more worried about the major European nations refusing to fight alongside the people of the Baltic States if the Russian military enter their territory. Obama is level headed and advised by many competent people in the State Department, Intelligence agencies and the military. Keep the pressure on the US Senators though, every little bit helps.

      1. Let us hope and pray that you are right –the US as part of NATO will protect us. I have been anxious since this whole thing began. My parents had to flee one Russian occupation in 1944. We were all overjoyed when Lithuania regained its independence in 1991. Now Putin is swinging his male member in a demonstration of true arrogance to the world. My husband, a retired American soldier, tells me that Lithuania and the other Baltic nations have “nothing to fear” because we are part of NATO but I really do not trust the United States. FDR representing the US already gave away the Baltics once at the Yalta Conference many years ago. What is to say that this will not happen again? We, after all, have no oil to offer…

      2. Are you insane,european people fighting alongside the people of the Baltic States against russia.Never gonna happen.You are fucked if you side with eu or us.Wait until winter when russia turns of the gas and ALL of german industri will stop.If you think us will help you ,you are wrong,they never help anybody unless itys good fot them.

    2. What are you talkimg about? Lithuania is a NATO country…Putin enters…Putin will be at war with the US. Ukraine spoke out against any plans to join the EU or Nato in 2008. I love Ukraine, I am an American…there is not much to do except go to full out war with Russia.And do you want that?

    3. teabags are old and stupid – go drink some more bud light dumbass – move elsewhere and take your unpatriotic bullshit with you you old, stupid, racist cowardly piece of shit

  3. And so it begins for the Baltics! If the US believes that Putin is going to stop with Crimea than they are revealing true ignorance if not outright stupidity AND have another thing coming! Aciu Vladimir Simperovich for your support!

    1. Haha…to hell with the Lithuanian thieves! They are coming to western Europe doing fraud, robbing our houses, pick pocketing and selling/smuggling drugs! I hope the Russians are blocking them so they go bust or even do a little barbeque across their boarders!!

      1. Tut, It is clear that YOU do NOT know what you are talking about! You are probably a Russian yourself! Lithuanian thieves? Not at all! No, rather Russians coming through Lithuania. It is Lithuania that has been the victim of Russian thieves for centuries. Quit blaming the victim!

    2. Russia has always wanted Crimea as they believe it is a sense of national pride. Putin does not have the stomach to stand up to the US, but willing to use his political power to embarrass the US. Russia needs as many allies as possible and her strongest ally at this moment is Syria. Well the part of Syria not controlled by the rebels.

  4. So, Lithuania can impose sanctions on Russia and that is fine, but if Russia responds with it’s own sanctions, it is bad.

    Lithuania needs to recognize that IT threw the first punch.

    1. Thank you, Goresh – smart words. Is Russia supposed to take all the bullying from US and EU without a complaint? Lithuania should have stayed out of it if it didn’t want to get affected.

      1. the bullying? I m sorry, so we should let the mentally disturbed Russia occupy and bully Ukraine??? If we take actions, then suddenly Russia is being bullied for not letting it do its aggression??? Mentally disturbed country!

      2. Image Russia lost the support of India by annexing part of the Ukraine. All nations are concerned about Russia’s actions, for any nation under false pretext could do the exact same to them including Russia. It is more like Putin is looking around for another “weak” nation to take advantage of. Russia is not being bullied, but being told strongly to respect international law and relinquish any claims on Crimea. Standing up to a bully is not bullying.

      3. Vitalia, OMG Have YOU got your head screwed on backwards! Wake up and smell the coffee (or in your case Russian vodka)! It is Russia NOT the US that is the bully and should have stayed out of it, the same way it should have stayed out of the Baltics in 1944 AND the Ukraine in 2014. Mits off!! These are NOT your countries to have!

    2. what sanctions? lithuania only vowed lethal military support to ukraine, -they didnt impose any sanctions from my understanding- probably because they’ve pretty much been in this situation several times with russia, but who knows whats really going on, all the media from every agency is biased, impossible these days to get real picture

    3. No Putin’s Russia threw the first punch. The reaction of various nations by imposing sanctions on Russia is Putin’s disrespect to international law.

      1. The US investment of $5 billion in order to destabilize and overthrow the legally and democratically elected government of Ukraine was the first punch thrown.

        1. At the same time paid you $6 Billion to deny it all.

          Only the prime minster was told to take a hike, after he resigned because of corruption allegations. That is not even the “elected government.” Maybe, you should take the time an enjoy your money.

          1. Actually, it was the president who ran away. You don’t seem to have a clue about the situation.
            The Rada was broken into by an armed mob who forced votes under physical threats.

          2. Well it seems that both the president and prime minister are in Russia. Azarov an individual on an international arrest list after resigning at the end of January. The vote to remove Yanukovych from office came on February 22, a day after he was reported to be in Russia and a short while after he refused to resigned.

            It is understandable to get two corrupt politician confused when both flee to the same country.

            So, what are you going to do with your $6 Billion to continue to deny it all.

    4. You obviously are a VERY foolish man! In fact, your lack of knowledge as to how Lithuania has historically been aggressed upon by Russia is laughable! LT threw the first punch? Yeah, right. Find a good (not Russian viewpoint slanted) complete and TRUTHFUL history book and educate yourself! LT has NEVER thrown the first punch! Your ignorance of the truth is frightening!

      1. As aggressive as the enthusiastic participation of Lithuanians in eliminating around 80% of the 250,000 citizens of Jewish descent during their period of liberation by Nazi Germany?

        Borders have always moved around in Europe as each particular tribe rises to ascendency and falls again.

        1. As aggressive as occupying Soviet Russians executing, arresting, deporting to forced labor/death camps in Siberia and forcing the exile of nearly ONE MILLION LITHUANIANS (WITH, the help, in many cases, of Jewish Communists who betrayed their own fellow Lithuanians to help the Russians). The Lithuanians are NOT just a “tribe” as you call it, but a SOVEREIGN nation that has existed for over a thousand years with its own unique language (NOT at all remotely related to Russian), history, culture and desire to be utterly and completely free of Russian domination that would seek to totally erase a very proud and old culture. TEGYVUOJA LAISVA LIETUVA!

          1. The number I have seen for deportations are different, about 130,000 plus another 150,000 political prisoners.

            The deportations stopped with the death of Stalin and from then forward, the detainees were gradually released, many returned. Many chose to remain where they made their new homes.

            “Jewish Communists who betrayed their own fellow Lithuanians”

            These being the same Jews who watched as their “fellow Lithuanians” rounded up 250,000 of their family and friends and actively assisted in their murders.
            Many 10’s of thousands of Lithuanians returned from exile. How many Lithuanian Jews, sent to the gas chambers by their neighbours and fellow citizens, returned?

          2. The deportations may have ended with the death of Stalin but the deaths of those in the Siberian forced labor camps continued including two of my mother’s cousins who as teenagers died of starvation, overexposure (the cold) and overwork. They were only 15 and 16 years old. How much did THEY deserve THAT? At the Nuremberg trials Nazis war criminals were tried and received just punishment. Where were there trials for the Communist war criminals who murdered twice the numbers of people the Nazis ever did? Many Jews survived the war as well–yes, even the camps (one of which my own paternal grandfather–not a Jew–was himself murdered in as a political prisoner)–and lived to see a new day surviving in the same Displaced Persons camps my own parents did. There is all this sympathy for Jewish people who survived the Nazis. Where is the sympathy, the caring and support for the Lithuanian people (who had nothing to do with Jewish killing) who survived the Communists? We were innocent victims as well.

  5. I guess many of you are from those little Baltic states. So, I would remind you that US and NATO ain’t permanent features of landscape and you will have to deal with Russia whether you like it or not when NATO and USA gone.

    I believe you gotta be very careful as there is a target on your backs and the best politics you would follow is to be very friendly and accommodating to huge country that lies next to you and provides you with energy and many other resources.

    1. serge you are correct , grybouskaite and linkevicius has made Lithuania into the biggest enemy of russiia, they both pushed nato the EU for sanctions against Russia ,and grybouskaite used the scar pro[paganda to win the presidential elections, she is responsible for the upcoming economic problems ,with her “BIG MOUTH” and the Lithuanian people will pay the price!!

      1. You and Serge are NOT at all correct but clearly Russianophiles! Yes, indeed NATO will protect the Baltics (all for one and one for all) or risk later losing Western Europe if Russian aggression goes unchecked. You guys have things backwards. It is RUSSIA that made the biggest enemy of Lithuania by illegally occupying it in 1944, sending tens of thousands of native born Lithuanians in cattle cars to die in forced labor camps in Siberia and then squatting on Lithuanian soil, terrorizing my people with a repressive government for decades and, after finally being successful at getting these Russian pigs out, threatening to come back again. You two clearly do NOT know the true history of that region, having bought hook, line and sinker the (once again), false Russian version of history, tailor made to serve Russian interests and Russian interests alone! Lithuanian people have already paid the price as victims of the Russian bear, We will NOT be victimized again, You two need to back to Moscow and stay there!

    1. Lithuania? No, it”s RUSSIA that has always done that Elaisa’s Miracle Educate yourself on the history of how Russia has akways aggressed on the East and you will know.

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