Russian Communist Party wants Ukrainians fighting in the east classified as "terrorists"

Russia’s Communist Party is calling for Russia to officially recognize Ukraine’s volunteer battalions as “terrorist organizations.” The statement, issued by two Communist MPs, specifically names the the paramilitary-political party Right Sector, and the Dnipro, Donbas, and Azov Battalions in their complaint.

Azov Battalion recruits
Azov Battalion recruits

The named volunteer units are some of the most notable formations fighting on Ukraine’s front lines in the east, and the government has seen considerable success in its Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) thanks to the initiative of volunteer special forces that have been made up largely of local eastern Ukrainians. While autonomous in command they are subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which also controls Ukraine’s National Guard. The battalions also coordinate with and train at National Guard bases.

The appeal was brought forth by Russian State Duma deputies Valery Rashkin, the Deputy Chairman of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, and Sergei Obukhov, its Secretary, who appealed to Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to recognize and include the groups as both foreign and domestic “terrorist organizations.”

Obukhov believes that Ukrainian forces fighting Russian-sponsored terrorists and insurgents in the east must be recognized in turn by the Russian Federation as terrorist organizations themselves, and that the Russian Foreign Ministry should petition the UN to ban their funding at the international level.

“I am a supporter of the toughest measures for persons, organizations and even states representing a real threat to Russia’s security and our citizens. No sanctions, protest notes and wailing about the “aggressiveness” of our country should worry us and make us detour from our path,”  said Rashkin.

The move appears to be an attempt to mirror calls by US Senators to classify the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR) as a “foreign terrorist organization,” and expert opinion that Russia is acting as a state-sponsor of terrorism. A petition for the US to designate Russia as the latter collected over 105,000 signatures.

“In Russia, this is already being done – for example, through the identification and confiscation of assets of the sponsor terrorist tycoon [Ihor] Kolomoiskiy. But the Americans, in turn, discuss funding the Right Sector. Apparently, to “promote democracy” through punitive actions. If so, then the United States should in fact be defined as a state sponsor of terrorism,” he Rashkin continued.

Ukrainian Volunteer Corps
Ukrainian Volunteer Corps

The Communist statement also recalls that on March 3 a criminal case was brought against Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh for “public calls to extremist activity.” The incident in question occurred when Russia alleged that Yarosh had made a posting on the Russian social media site VK appealing to Chechen leader Doku Umarov for support – a statement which Right Sector says was the result of the account being hacked.

Yarosh, a commander of the Right Sector ‘Ukrainian Volunteer Corps’ battalion, was recently put on a Interpol’s wanted list at the request of Russian authorities.

Rashkin previously urged Russian special forces to “follow Mossad examples” and assassinate” Yarosh.

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  1. Russia’s playing around with the “mirroring” tactic, copying everything the West has been saying (and Ukraine) and acting as though it applied to them. The difference is that Ukraine’s volunteer battalions have not been abducting, torturing and mudering civilians, like the Russian terrorists have. They haven’t been running around trying to stir up the population against their own government. They haven’t interfered in the electoral process. They haven’t been booby-trapping or mining public roads, bridges, train tracks, buildings etc, let alone setting up firing positions in residential buildings, schools and hospitals, like the Russian mercenaries have… I could go on but I think the message is clear.

  2. The russian barbarians continue to live in bizarro world. Up is down and down is up.

    1. But that’s the logical outcome of the russian society. That’s why russians have always been exceedingly ignorant and of course, the accompanied arrogant.

      1. And the outcome of American society isn’t ignorance and arrogance? Russia is aiding ethnic Russians, it didn’t invade countries 1000’s of miles away like Iraq, Vietnam, Libya, Vietnam, etc. creating rivers of blood.

        1. Yea, just nearby ones like Chechnya x2, Georgia, Trans-Denistria, and now Ukraine. And that’s just post Cold War.

          1. all these countries and regions were part of the former Soviet-Union and a lot of ethnic russians are living there demanding the help of Russia. The us on the other hand just bombs and invades countries on the other side of the world to grab their natural resources or for some other obscure reason.

          2. So how much resources did the US get from say Iraq? Precisely please.
            So what as that whole Afghanistan thing about? They were sheltering the people that attacked us.
            Yea under Yeltsen Russia bowed to the inevitable it’s every thing that has happened since then.
            So the NEXT time the Chechens want their independence the Kremlin will be oky doky with that?
            Yea Right?

          3. They didn’t, support for Russian takeover in Donetsk (highest in east) was only 32%, even Crimea it only was 42%- course once the Green Men intimidated all the Ukrs and Tatars, they didn’t have to worry about them cluttering up the vote- even then they had to make up a N. Korean number: 97% to show what incredible pathological liars Russians are.

          4. Don’t confuse the comradski with fact…..putin-gandists are known to have a level of intelligence of lower order apes, so you may really confuse their specie.

          5. He’s still trying to define “ethnic russian” so it means though they consider themselves Ukrainian and support Ukraine, it really means they want to be enslaved apes living in putin’s zoo, aka russia.

          6. It’s a plausible guess. A corollary to that is “you are guilty already by the virtue of my wanting to eat” – the final “argument” of the Wolf to the Lamb in a well-known Russian fable by Krylov.
            The plot goes like this (quoted verbatim from Wiki): “A wolf comes upon a lamb and, in order to justify taking its life, accuses it of various misdemeanours, all of which the lamb proves to be impossible. Losing patience, it says the offences must have been committed by someone else in the family and that it does not propose to delay its meal by enquiring any further about the matter. The morals drawn are that the tyrant can always find an excuse for his tyranny and that the unjust will not listen to the reasoning of the innocent.”
            Quite apt, isn’t it?

          7. Thank you. What really turns my stomach is that they have usurped the motto “Нет уз святее товарищества” from Gogol’s “Taras Bul’ba” to justify their filthy imperial cause, knowing full well that Bul’ba meant the Ukrainian camaraderie at the time when the Moskals where nowhere near the picture and by “руская земля” and “руский” he meant “Ukrainian land” and “Ukrainian”, for that is what “руський” mean back then.

          8. Yup, that’s one of the many things russians are infamous for–changing history. People think I’m kidding, but those that know them and are familiar with them also know that ‘humans can never trust russia or russians’.
            They prove that time and time and time and time….

          9. Arab parable, from memory:
            An eagle looks down at the arrow that has impaled it. He notes the feathers on the end of it…”we have been smitten by our own kind”

          10. it does not occur to you that any condition imposed on “independent” negates being independent, does it? And that “independent” directly implies, among other things, the freedom of association?
            The only conditions found in the Budapest memorandum – voluntarily signed by Russia – were respect and inviolability of the mutually recognized borders, and these are exactly the conditions Russia flagrantly and shamelessly violated – and keeps violating.

        2. Russia has thrown out all the Ukrainian Sep leaders. Almost nobody will fight with them now because they realize they were played like fools (they thought they could be Kings, and wound up tossed aside)- that it is a clear and simple foreign invasion. The Seps are now 80-90% Russian- and they ARE terrorists, that wasn’t just Ukr hyperbole- they execute loyal Nat. Guard who tried to help their country in time of need. The Invaders should be exterminated like bugs- give them a humanitarian corridor lined with Claymores. Come to invade and rape your little brother, go home in a bag.

          1. Good post. the russian and chechens should be sent back to their cesspools, feet first…..

          2. The only thing you anglosaxons are good at is to bomb and destroy small countries into submission, such as Iraq, Vietnam, etc. Or Serbia, because it resisted against Albanian terrorists threatening their territory.
            I have family in the east of Ukraine, have been there, and all of them support the separatists. You Americans are very much hated for mingling in a conflict which is none of your business, as you do all over the world.

          3. bombing + destroying small nations into submission- hmmm, like Russia did in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Crimea (poor Tatars + Ukrs lost in the imperial realm), all of Eastern Europe, though there it was mostly subversion, murder, “politics by other means”. America does stupid + sometimes criminal things (in Iraq for sure), but gets nothing out of it (except the war profiteers), then gets the hell out. Russia commits acts of calculated barbarism, then stays decades and decades like a rotting fish. Ukraine is none f it’s business, except like every Mafiya thug, they make everything their business. Easterners hate Kiev because of a year of hysterical vicious propaganda, like Russians do- even in Jan 60% like Ukrainians. But feed a dog poisoned contaminated meat for long enough, you get a vicious psychotic deadly animal that needs to be put down. Putin crossed that threshhold some time ago.

          4. Russians pulled out of Eastern Europe without a drop of blood being spilled. They let Russian provinces like Ukraine go without a drop of blood. Relations between Russia and Ukraine have generally been good, except during the period of the orange revolution.
            However the violent and anti-Russian nature of the Maidan putch was a game-changer. People in Eastern en Southern Ukraine were horrified and resisted. Then there was the Odessa massacre against pro-Russian demonstrators, and the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine decided to resort to other means, the means used by the Maidan”demonstrators”: violence.

        3. lol comrade, with that level of slogan oriented ignorance, you just gotta be a russian. Always a plague upon humans, you russians can’t even interact with humans and make sense.

          1. The US is hated all over the world because all over the world they committed crimes, in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, etc.They don’t even realise it since their media such as Fox makes them stupid and obediant.

          2. “The US is hated all over the world”
            lol, comrade your soviet talking points are outdated, even for russia…. You must remember, your audience isn’t all apes of russia.

  3. I always thought that the Communist Part in Russia was a joke, but I did not know they were really, really stupid!

    1. Yes, but unfortunately, it does not prevent them from being really, really evil. Luckily, the Ukrainians seem to have come to their senses and banned this scourge of the earth from the government. At least one step in the right direction as far as the commies are concerned.

  4. The verdict is in. Putin and Russians have officially lost their minds over this Facist/Eastern Ukraine thing they keep talking about. “Where”, are these facists?

      1. What is funny about these Americans is they believe their own propaganda. Seriously. They even believed the weapons of mass destruction nonsense and other lies told by their leaders which caused the death of 1000’s of young Americans.

        1. How about the great “Baby Crucified on the Wall” lie by Chanel One?
          Honestly how could anyone but a mindless zombie believe the Russian media after that fiasco?

          1. Russian media is propaganda, just like American, Ukrainian and western media. If you’re only watching and reading one side, you can’t see the whole picture.

          2. I read a lot about UA. I lost all respect for the Russian media after the “400 elite american mercenaries in Donebas” back in May. They have gone down hill ever since.
            Funny thing how the only mercenaries were Russian.

          3. Isn’t it funny, how primitive the putin-ganda is? And russians are ignorant and undeveloped enough to fall for it, time after time after time….

          4. “Russian media is propaganda, just like American”
            lol, clownboy, are you a russian? To say something as ignorant as that, you can only be russian.

            Look at all the reporters murdered by putin and his kgb cronies until they finally owned all the media in the cesspool called russia:


            They had to form a “committe to protect journalists” due to all the apes in russia murdering them…..

          5. lol comrade, you russians are so full of putin-ganda you are ignorant about how the real world is. We humans truly feel sorry and sad for you russians.

            In America, we not only have free speech, but all of our media aren’t owned by obama, his friends, or criminals employed by obama.
            Obama also doesn’t murder journalists until they stop reporting bad things about him.

            Russia media and ‘facebook’ is owned by putin and/or his criminal cronies. They want to control twitter, making their servers be in russia.

            And all those murdered russian journalists:

          6. In the US, both republicans an democrats and the most important media are owned by a small elite of utra-rich people, usually Jews.
            In Russia there are many newspapers and journalists which oppose Putin, there was even a march of opposition members against Putin in Moscow. In the US most people are too ignorant or stupid to oppose their regime which only benefits the ultra-rich.

      2. Milton, it’s much worse than that. If they just swallowed it as zakuska for their vodka, I could not care less. But instead, they get enlisted and dispatched to Ukraine where they proceed to kill people who have nothing to do with polluting their brains or anything else their (now inflamed) brains ascribe to their victims.

    1. You seem to forget that according to western human rights organisations pro-Kiev militias also abduct journalists, torture civilians, take hostages. According to you they are loosing their mind because they disagree with you.

      1. How many of those journalists did they murder? Ho many mass graves have they done like the one in Slavyansk? How many hostages are they using as human body armor?
        They have liberated dozens of towns and cities and so far there has been few RELIABLE reports of killings or abuses.
        Most importantly they haven’t shot down a single airliner.

        1. ukrainian army killed far more civilians by indiscriminately shelling and bombing towns according to human rights watch. That’s how most civilians died during this conflict and according to HRW, who have no link to russia at all, this constitutes a war crime.

          1. Well thank god Russia decided that random bombing and shelling of populated areas is wrong.
            Of course that’s going to do the people of Grozny any good, or Tbilisi, or Prague, or all of Afghanistan, or well every city east of the Elbe River.
            A bit late for them.
            But at least NOW they have seen the light.
            I wonder how long that will last the next time they have to assault a city.
            Probably not long.

          2. random bombing and shelling of populated areas is a war crime. A warcrime the us committed on numerous occasions, such as in Hiroshima to name just the most cruel and famous one.But a warcrime nevertheless. And it makes ukrainian leaders warcriminals. So even if the rebels also committed warcrimes, then in ukraine it’s a fight between war criminals, no reason to point fingers at one side only…

          3. Have you actually studied WWII history?
            Carpet bombing and a whole host of horrors were going on LONG before we showed up.
            Many of which were committed by Russia.
            That is what is known as the pot calling the kettle black.
            Since Grozny was carpet bombed what does that make Putin?

          4. That putin-gandist did learn all about WWII….from the soviet-russia textbooks of course……

          5. “in Ukraine it’s a fight between war criminals.”
            No kiddo,it’s a war and wars get ugly. Welcome to the real world.
            The finger pointing comes form the fact that one country has forceably stealing land from it’s former ally and stirring up civil war.
            Rationalize it all you want, Russians are good at that.
            But in the end you back stabled a friend.
            Viciously I might add.

          6. it was not a friend, but a regime that came to power after an armed insurrection against the democratically elected president.

          7. They were friends and allies almost family. Ukraine officers were quotes as saying they saw the Russians as brothers. So close that UA techs maintain Russian Satan missiles. Trusting someone with your nuclear deterrent, that is as close as you can get. Or at least they used to.
            Not even the US and Britain do that.
            There is no worse betrayal than by family.
            You are probably proud of Vlad for that

          8. commie, I mean comrade, the ‘congress’ of Ukraine voted to kick your putin puppet out of office and put in a temporary PM, then had another election….even in the eastern provinces did this.

            Man, so sad that you’re a russian. We humans feel sorry for you russians as you’re so primitive and sheltered from the reality of civilization, we would offer to send you some aid of sorts, but you savages would just attack the hands that offer to help you our of your misery, your cesspool that is called ‘russia’….

          9. The people who reversed the democratically elected president of Ukraine, with US support, weren’t friends of Russia, and had no support in the eastern parts of Ukraine. Thus, they revolted and got support from Russia.
            The violence started on Maidan, remember?
            Carpet bombing is especially a US speciality. Remember Vietnam, how many milion people died in that totally senseless war? Of course, no American war criminals ever got convicted.

          10. 3month old post, reaching back in to the mists of time much?
            And still spouting the same old line.
            Tell your handler you need new material.
            Chechnya was literally a thousand times worse than Ukraine 4K s 400K.
            Russians whining about UA is the height of of double standard.

          11. “random bombing and shelling of populated areas is a war crime.”

            Hey buffoon, you do know that just because you babble something, it doesn’t mean it’s true, no?

            Just because putin looks to be half human doesn’t mean that his brain is not still at the level of a russian primate.

          12. you are just an ignorant, insulting uneducated american who knows nothing of the world except what their lying press owned by a few billionaires tells him. not worth discussing any further with people who call you buffoon just because you don’t agree with the propaganda you’ve been fed all your life.

        2. I think if this putin-gandist keeps on typing from his putin-notes, he/she/it will finally find something some human would be ignorant enough to believe.

          1. He’s just twitter quoting so other knuckle head on the internet who heard it from some socialist professor or liberal rag.
            They don’t know jack about anything.

          2. Here’s something for you, one communist ape replaces the original criminal ape:
            “MOSCOW, August 07./ITAR-TASS/. The prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Aleksandr Borodai, has stepped down of his own accord. Borodai declared the decision himself at a news conference in Donetsk on Thursday.

            Borodai said the leader of a structural unit of the Kharkiv-based
            non-governmental organization Oplot, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, was proposed as his successor.

            “I am ceding my post to a local-born man,” Borodai said, adding that he would stay in the DNR and continue his career as an adviser to the republic’s prime-minister.”

            This is oplot:

          3. Christ! Another commie goon. Where do they find these idiots. this guy looks even more vacant then the last one.

          4. There’s a good write up here on ‘putinism’. So these useful idiots just climb aboard that. Wonderful examples of why russia is full of apes and their useful idiots are the intellectual equivalent of a lower order of those apes.

          5. not worth debating with brainwashed Americans who know nothing about the world except for what their fox television lies to them. By the way the world is still waiting for the weapons of mass destruction to be found… but of course right now Irak is a flourishing democracy, it was certainly worth it to sacriface all those soldiers from poor background.and I’m sure you’re stupid enough to get tricked into another war by your elite (and we all know who that is) if that serves their financial and geopolitical interests.

          6. Funny I was thinking the same thing about you. Except for the whole American thing. We wouldn’t have you.

      2. “You seem to forget that according to western human rights organisations pro-Kiev militias also abduct journalists, torture civilians, take hostages.”

        No human rights organization has ever accused militias of abducting journalists (temp arrest, sure, but that’s legal), torturing civilians (you made that up), or hostage taking (never).

    2. They exist inside their crania emptied out as a result of thorough brainwashing with the harsh mixture of RTV and alcohol. Pretty self-evident, however takeo3’s replies provide an extra proof.

      1. Isn’t that a trip? And russians wonder why humans look at them and give them stupid looks.

      1. Indeed. Wasting the whole tree just to squash a commie is an atrocity with respect to the tree. Just fancy how many commies may be hanging from its limbs, and you immediately know that the poor three can be put to a much more productive use.

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