Russian insider says Putin openly planned invasion of Ukraine since 2003

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A former Russian insider says he was there when Putin began openly planning the present invasion of Ukraine back in 2003.

At a conference in Brussels this week, Andrey Illarionov, a Russian economist and former economic advisor to Vladimir Putin informed that the invasion of Ukraine has been in official planning since at least 2003.

“Since 2003. I can say that certain questions relating to the future war with Ukraine were discussed in my presence. I didn’t think the talks would really lead to a real war,” he said.

In an anguished response to the Orange Revolution a year later which brought about an ostensibly pro-Western government, Russian officials then began discussing the potential for launching a military occupation of Crimea and it’s subsequent annexation. Illarionov also discussed leaked documents which detail the operation of Russia’s future war with Ukraine.

By 2009, he stated that plans to conjure and support separatism in Ukraine began to surface. It is now known that the terrorist organization known as the ‘Donetsk Republic’ began to reassert itself online in 2008 after then Russian-backed Viktor Yanukovych lost his position as Prime Minister. Created in 2005 also in the wake of the Orange Revolution, ‘Donetsk Republic’ members attended training camps in Russia funded by the Russian Presidential Administration, where instructors from the security services taught methods of espionage, sabotage and guerrilla tactics to attendees. Syncing with Illarionov’s statement, the group began organizing local terrorist training camps as early as 2009.

Putin’s July 2013 Speech

Putin and Yanukovych in Kyiv, July 2013
Putin and Yanukovych in Kyiv, July 2013

Illarionov did not mince words, making clear that this is a very much a “Russian-Ukrianian war” or rather, as he described: “Putin’s war against Ukraine.” A war he steadfastly describes as being long in the works that will continue to play out in the long term.

“So, they were preparing the war for a long time. The other matter is that it is a long war that has been continuing for more than 16 months. It was officially launched on July 27, 2013, by Putin’s speech in Kyiv on the occasion of the anniversary of the baptism of Kyivan Rus,” he said.

The speech cited by Illarionov was on the topic of Ukraine’s “civilizational choice” and “orthodox Slavic values.” In it, Putin bloviates on alleged “common spiritual values” which make Russians and Ukrainians a “single people,” calling for the preservation of ‘ancestral traditions.’ He also convincingly ignores centuries of persecution, telling listeners that subjugation (“union”) under Russia “changed the lives of Ukraine’s population and its elite for the better, as everyone knows.”

At another point, Putin speaks glowingly of Stalin’s reforms and investment in Ukraine during his first ‘Five Year Plan,’ a disastrous policy which resulted in the Moscow-orchestrated genocide of up to 7 million Ukrainians.

Current conflict zones’ historical hallmarks were focused on in the speech, specifically calling the Donbas “one of Russia’s main mining and metals industry regions,” and Odesa “one of the Russian Empire’s biggest seaports.” The next day Putin would attend Russian naval celebrations in the Ukrainian city of Sevastopol in Crimea.

Little Green Men of Russia's navy in Ukraine, July 28, 2013
Little Green Men of Russia’s navy in Ukraine, July 28, 2013

All of this, of course, amounted to a cynical sales pitch for Russia’s unborn Eurasian Union and reunion with Russia, and to convince Ukrainians the perils of European integration. With a smile.

Let me say again that we will respect whatever choice our Ukrainian partners, friends and brothers make. The question is only one of how we go about agreeing on working together under absolutely equal, transparent and clear conditions.

 Numerous predictions

Illarionov resigned from his position within the administration in 2005, has been an outspoken critic of president Vladimir Putin since that time.

Since becoming a dissident, his words to date have been prophetic. In October 2008 he quickly exposed that the Russian invasion and occupation of Georgia in August of that year was premeditated and instigated by the Russian government, when many still debated whether Georgia fired on Russian soldiers first.

In February of this year, prior to Russia’s “green men” swarming into Crimea, he fully predicted the occupation of the peninsula and similar destabilizing actions in the south and east. In March, after this had already come to fruition, he further predicted and warned of impending Russian forces seeping into eastern Ukraine during an interview on the Ukrainian network TSN. Russian Col. Igor Girkin, “Supreme Commander” of the Donetsk Republic, openly admitted recently to Russia’s involvement in the war and told how his special forces group entered Ukraine in April to seize government buildings.

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  1. The medals, handed out to those that occupied Crimea, were minted (produced) with a from-date long before the actual date Yanukovych fled, so he must have planned the takeover of Crimea regardless of what eventually happened.

    1. I don’t doubt that Yanukovych walked away per plans… he hadn’t even been physically threatened himself and the Feb. 21 memorandum would have left him in power until December 2015. His job was to trash the country and then walk away when the time was right so that Pootin could walk in. The date may not have been fixed, but it’s obvious he had no intention of doing anything that would amount to power-sharing and might jinx Putler’s long-term plans. I mean, as President he would have had to respond differently to the invasion of Crimea, or else he might have been assassinated…

      1. Yanukovych was nothing more than Putin’s “puppet President”. He ruled as Putin wanted & got out after the violence began in Maidan. Where to? Russian of course!

  2. Of course. This KGB thug had this and who knows what else mapped out probably before 2000. I’d even say after the fall of the USSR he sat in some back room dreaming of a greater Russian “reich” just like all little fascists do. This is why Putin is dangerous and needs to be stopped. People did not stand up to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. until the damage was done. Too many believe this was some Western CIA driven coup on the Maidan when events were put into play long before events last November. Yanukovich was a pawn in this great game even letting Ukraine’s military degrade to a point of irrelevancy. Now we have a choice. Do we stand now? Or do we stand later? One way or another we will HAVE to stand.

    1. Yes. Maidan was people, fed up with their President, geting rid of him because he didn’t do the will of the people. Thats what government is all about.

  3. Putin is a Stalin loving Dictator. If the giving away of Crimea was against old Soviet law, why didn’t they bring the case to court after Khrushchev died? They would have won its return. Putin himself could have done this. Anyone that says that the collapse of the old Soviet Union was a bad thing is an idiot. The thing was a human rights killing, red commie gulag, where there was NO freedom of speech.

    I find it dumbfounding that Putin forgot that Stalin basically enslaved most of Eastern Europe after WWII, oppressing its people’s freedom of speech while ignoring the people’s call for a return of their native countries to domestic control. Instead of giving it back to its people like the West did to West Germany and Japan, Putin’s red commie Stalin kept Eastern Europe for the Soviet Union’s greater good, completely ignoring the people.

    Democracy is not perfect, but the old Soviet Union’s, and modern day Russia’s human rights track records are a joke. The whole World knows it.

    And Putin says that the West is bad? When over 2/3 of the World calls you (Putin) out on something, your doing something wrong.

    1. Crimea was not given away. The decision was made at the highest levels by the Communist Central Committee and signed off by them. As to being against “Soviet law”, there was no rule of law so anything was doable. Starving millions of Ukrainians to death may have been illegal too. Who cared?

      1. Soviet law in theory actually had provisions that allowed the republics to walk out of the Union after a referendum… although in practice that would never have come to pass, just like Russia wants self-determination for somebody in Ukraine whom we haven’t found yet, but would never consider it for Chechnya or Siberia…

  4. RedGA- Why don’t you look at the “thug” in the White House. Keep watching CNN and MSNBC. You can count on a one-sided viewpoint. Who overthrew the legit Ukraine Gov’t? Has Putin invaded and destroyed other countries the way the US has? Wake Up and quit listening to the US govt. propaganda.

    1. Russian troll do not write nonsense. Putin has invaded almost all countries who bordering to Russia. What he did in Chechnya, world has not seen since the end of World War 2. Grozni was leveled to the ground and tens of thousands of civilians was killed. Russian government are gang of fascist criminals. And Putin is world number one fascist and terrorist.

    2. Welcome to the latest ‘useful idiot’ posted to the Euromaidan site!!! Glad to see you regurgitate Kremlin propaganda so well about the ‘overthrow’ of the Ukrainian government. You insult the people of Ukraine who fought and gave their lives to end the corrupt murderous regime of Yanukovych, but I’m sure you’d rather believe in ‘Victoria Nuland’s cookies’, ‘fables of C.I.A. backed revolt’, ‘the ghost of Stepan Bandera’ and ‘the tooth fairy’ like your Kremlin handler tells you to post. Maybe you’ll earn an extra cabbage for the upcoming winter in Muscovy.

      You embarrass yourself by posting such nonsense.

      1. Very well said Brent!! As the conflict (War) escalates & discussions & theories head in every direction possible, every Ukrainian who is fighting for a better life and suffering the most, seems to be forgotten. They deserve alot of respect for their courage in exposing Putin’s corrupt influence & control in Ukraine. Ukraine will succeed.

    3. Ignorant russian troll, how much do you earn for your pathetic, useless post?? One ruble, maybe 2?? Instead of being a good little communist you should educate yourself and make russia free from your long line of dictators… Unless you prefer to live like a sheep, like your ancestors?? Did you even read the article?? Of course you didn’t… But it would be a good starting point at least. This was in progress for years – a russian plot tha your Nazi scum dictator planned over 10 years ago when the first wave of Ukrainian freedom surfaced…

  5. I find it quite interesting how the first comment that I have seen on this website that is not completely one sided is “awaiting moderation”. Whereas the comment which flat out advocates death is considered perfectly acceptable. It seems like the manifestations of the democratic values that all of you preach are ad hominem attacks and utter disregard for any opinion that does not correspond with your own. It is a special kind of bubble in which all of you live, where any disagreement with your narrative is attributed to paid Russian commentators and is therefore deemed illegitimate. Now I am patiently awaiting to be accused of being a “Russian troll”, so that all of you can resume participating in the never ending circle jerk.

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