Russian propaganda movie being made about Russian propaganda

In a deliciously meta twist, a propaganda film about the propaganda (and real) war in Ukraine has already begun filming in Russia.

The film, (sarcastically?) titled “Truth,” will launch with the tagline: “Everyone has their own truth…”

Filming has nearly completed in Kaliningrad and focuses on Russian journalists “who for the sake of truthful reporting often sacrifice their lives.”

The storyline is said to involve the Azov Battalion, Berkut police, Donetsk militants, and American mercenaries for good measure. If promotional images for the flick are any indication, I predict the plot involves a fascist Kiev junta who may or may not abduct and murder RT truthseekers who were only trying to warn the world of the democratic Nazi menace.

Hopefully I didn’t ruin the ending.

2 thoughts on “Russian propaganda movie being made about Russian propaganda”

  1. Maybe they can also fabricate Putin being 6’4″ with a successful marriage and not so beady eyes, the Russian Orthodox church being open and loving to all other denominations, the Russian Olympic men’s hockey team winning gold, and the residents of Donbass unanimously supporting their cause and taking up arms for Russia.

    i would suggest Gerard Depardieu be hired to play Putin, Steven Seagal as Sergei Lavrov, and Peter Dinklage as Dmitri Medvedev….wait, I like Peter Dinklage…and he’s not a washed up ‘useful idiot’ actor like Depardieu and Seagal….

    I would have also suggest they could portray MH17 being full of the corpses and being shot down by A Ukrainian ground attack SU25 jet, but i think that plot has already been used…

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