Russian soldier posts gory photos of victims online

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A screenshot of the VK profile

A Russian soldier fighting in a terrorist group in eastern Ukraine has posted photos and video of himself online, documenting his victims among the Ukrainian military. The man, Dmitry Gritsyuk, is from St. Petersburg and based on his history of photographs, is a member of the Russian armed forces.

Gritsyuk, whose cached VK profile can be viewed here, recently began posting photos and videos of Ukrainian soldiers who were killed in action by his unit. He and his comrades posed next to dead bodies as trophy kills, and filmed the gory wreckage of a burned out BMD. In all of the photos he has posted online, unlike most insurgents, he consistently wears the officially issued Russian camo BDU, as the ‘Green Men’ did in Crimea.

Because of the gory and graphic nature of the video, we’ll link to it here without embedding it.

Gritsyuk posing in his uniform in an album titled "Army"
Gritsyuk posing in his uniform in an album titled “Army”
Gritsyuk with fellow Russian soldiers
Gritsyuk with fellow Russian soldiers
Gritsyuk posing with weapons, spelling out "" with bullets
Gritsyuk posing with weapons
One of his accomplices laughs and covers his face
One of his accomplices laughs and covers his face
Gritsyuk talking to the camera as he documents his victims
Gritsyuk talking to the camera as he documents his victims


36 thoughts on “Russian soldier posts gory photos of victims online”

      1. I am aware of that but this is another war and game. Better focus than let these negativity influence you.

      2. Red herring, much? Do you really believe that one crime justifies another, totally unrelated one – or you’re just another Liliputin’s cyber warrior trying to derail the topic? Shame on you.

        1. only america can pee on dead corpses!11111 don’t you dare try to defend russian turrists!

          1. Ahh yea, the US soldiers where reprimanded and given Article 15 punishments.
            So what what punishments have the terrorists given out?
            Please hurry with the answer. I am holding my breath!

          2. Yup, but don’t confuse a russian as they aren’t too bright to begin with. There’s a reason why they are so angry at humans–they realize how ignorant they are.

          3. … and your point is? Firstly, I’m European. Secondly, for how I see it, a larger part of the US and Western media condemned crimes committed by their US military – while the Russian media either condones or ignores the Russian ones.

            I as well condemn ‘murkin Imperialism and exceptionalism, but the Russian ones are far, far worse at the moment.

            Read this well-substantiated article as well, please



      3. lol comrade, so anti-American, you will accept anything the russians do to anyone…except russians of course.
        Yet more examples every day why humans should never trust russians and why russia has always been a plague upon humankind.

  1. Kind of sad that we are seeing that thugs everywhere behave exactly the same way. The guys from ISIS have released photos of their crucifixion of Christians in Iraq who were not combatants but simply didn’t want to change churches so to speak on the spot.

    1. You are on to something. The world always seems to have problems with russians and muslims. And both cultures biggest exports are their gas/oil, terror and their youth….

  2. Eh, the muscovite shrimp, sentenced himself with war crimes that he documented of his crimes. He’ll get his just sentence, one day.

    1. Russians rape their fellow male soldiers and make prostitutes out of them, so maybe that’s why this russian boi is so angry.

  3. Pardon my language, however there is only one word I am aware of that fits the bill for people like this: скотина

  4. “Chauvinists and amateur conquistadors are heading to Ukraine from Russia. Arming these bandits with exemplary military equipment is a crime.” – Adam Michnik

    Ukraine is bleeding for Europe right now. I’m ashamed of the EU politicians standing way too long for profits of corporate elites instead of true values.

    1. Europe should realize that, well more of europe should, but sadly, that’s not the case.
      They should be cheering Ukraine and helping arm them, but they’re too afraid of vlady turning off their gas…….

  5. While Ukraine behave like a Civilized European modern Army, on the other hand, Russia behave like Mongolic tribes of savages. Don’t worry Ukraine, RuSSian Mongolic savages will be properly annihilated by Ukraine.

    1. Russia has always been a geographic area inhabited by little more than primitive apes. They can never be trusted around humans.

  6. Russia can no longer be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, and must be removed from the UN Security Council. There is no place in the civilized world for human garbage like this soldier, and those who created and tolerate him. Russians can behave like this toward each other as they please, but the rest of us must stop fooling ourselves and accept reality. We have nothing in common.

  7. There’s a bullet with his name on it somewhere in Ukraine headed for his face, no doubt.

  8. Ukraine are the ones acting like Animals!! Bombing and killing Ukrainian civilians FFS!! I have seen America act 1000 Times worse!! you people have blinders on!! Fucking Retards!! Thank God Russia is trying to protect the civilians in East Ukraine. I just wish Putin Steam rolled the hole of Eastern Ukraine!! Ukrainian Army should be ashamed of themselves….a army losses legitimacy when it fires on its own citizens!! Any of you Americans that think otherwise are going to get a taste very soon,that is why your constitution was written in the way it was,so “the people” could form militias when the Government got tyrannical!!….Oh…. but when it is Russians doing it it is not OK? FFS!!

    1. How long is it until Russian shills give up on the pretext that it’s a civil war rather than a proxy war. Putin just needs to get the fuck over the fact that the Ukrainian people no longer want to be bullied by Moscow.

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