'Strelkov' apologizes for Donetsk looting

Military commander of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Russian operative Igor “Strelkov” Girkin has made a public plea to the people of Donetsk, calling to ‘severely punish’ his men for committing “serious crimes and banditry” in an attempt to save face following the city’s increased occupation by his militia.

“I ask the people of Donetsk for understanding of what people arrived here, who for months lived in a state of stress and deadly threat. Not all of the men were prepared to enter a peaceful city after being in the trenches,” he said.

[quote]”Perpetrators of such crimes will immediately be court martialed, regardless of their relationship to the militia.”[/quote]

In a separate interview, he suggested that increasing wages and compensation for militiamen would increase local enlistment. He had previously made public statements decrying a lack of local support in the Donetsk area.

After retreating en masse from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk and ceding the key cities to Ukrainian forces, Strelkov’s militia took up positions in Donetsk, the region’s largest city and capital. Looting had already been a problem in the past for Donetsk, with members of the Vostok Battalion from Russia seizing the Regional State Administration building and detaining offenders from the Donbass People’s Militia.

‘Strelkov’ has been described by Ukraine’s security service as a Russian colonel and resident of Moscow. He is currently a target of European Union sanctions, and was named by the EU’s Official Journal to be on the staff of the Russian foreign military intelligence agency (GRU), and a key figure involved in the military takeover of Crimea as an assistant on security matters to Sergei Aksyonov, Crimea’s self-declared prime minister.

The Donetsk Republic remains legally classified as a terrorist organization in Ukraine.

13 thoughts on “'Strelkov' apologizes for Donetsk looting”

  1. This guy is still a ruSSian invader, an enemy of the people and the state of Ukraine.

  2. What is this guy fighting for since we all now know, and actually always knew without a doubt that there were never any credible threats to Russian speakers from “facists” in Ukraine at anytime since Maidan because they never existed. With that said, what is their motivation if there is no real threat? It makes no sense. They look foolish.

    1. He was led to believe that Russia would invade to assists in his takeover. After prepping in Crimea, he figured it would be an easy gig. Then the invasion didn’t happen and he had to actually fight, only with an army of misfits.

  3. Its scary how people blindly follow and beleive what any “reporter” writtes down on a website or if its the mainstream media selling out its bullshit… people will believe anything that seems to go in their general direction, but if information goes against what the western civilizations say or think, it will automatically be ignored by the media and politicians will tell you it is propaganda coming from Russia and will give you even more of western propaganda to destroy any logical thinking you may have tried to develop over the years… open your eyes people, stop acting like a shit sponge absorbing every excrement that is thrown at you… it’s time to rise!

    1. They did alx, it is called the Maidan. What this knuckle head is trying to do is return to the corruption of the Russian style Kleptocracy.

    2. Shit sponge? Logical thinking? Your blatter is a BULL-shit storm. Look in the mirror paid comrade stooge for Putin and see your ‘shitty’ self. Flush yourself, pleeeeez.

  4. I pray the Ukrainian military cuts off the mercenaries retreat and hangs the ringleaders, especially Igor Strelkov.

  5. And now his “troops” have gone on to steal from the dead. No money is found in wallets from the downed Malaysian plane. Cell phones and jewelry have vanished into thin air. Quite a nasty bunch and they seem to just get worse and worse every day, Comrade Strelkov.

  6. Someone put a very high price on his head. Offer a bounty for his and others heads. Make it so high even his own people debate whether to kill him. Spread fear in their camp. Plant evidence that even their masters in Moscow are trying to “tie up loose ends” for the BUK. These thugs are fascists from Moscow and need to be tried as spies and publicly executed for their crimes.

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