Strelkov still in Donetsk, but not Borodai – killed mercenaries "of the negroid race"


Contrary to reports by Obozrevatel that the two Igors, Girkin (aka “Strelkov”) and Bezler, had fled Donetsk, it appears the exodus is only half true. Girkin, currently embattled internally against Vostok Battalion commander Olexander Khodakovsky and possibly self-declared ‘Commander in Chief’ Vladimir Antyufeyev, remains in the city.

According to the BBC’s Daniel Sandford, the Russian security chief Antyufeyev admitted today that self-declared prime minister Alexander Borodai had also escaped the city to Moscow, and did not indicate if he would return. The move also shifted Antyufeyev from deputy to acting prime minister, and “Commander in Chief” – a similar title to Girkin’s, who has also engaged in a powerplay.

Partially putting questions to rest on his whereabouts, a sullen and dishevelled Girkin held a private press conference today for Russian journalists. The discussion centered mostly on battle reports, the heightening of attacks from Ukrainian forces, and continued denial of MH17 involvement, but notably mentioned that his men had killed four mercenaries operating Ukrainian tanks near the Russian border – “from the negroid race,” as he put it. In total, he says his forces have killed 165 American mercenaries, and 139 Polish.

Girkin has been known to make controversial and baseless statements, recently espousing a conspiracy theory that MH17 was full of corpses, drained of their blood, and detonated in a plot to discredit his men.

9 thoughts on “Strelkov still in Donetsk, but not Borodai – killed mercenaries "of the negroid race"”

  1. Well I will say the Girkin is an equal opportunity insulter! Negroid? That is a word I have not heard since the bad old days in the mid 1950s. But, I guess it is appropriate for him to use that disgusting term because after all Russia is still living in the 1950s!

  2. Seems like the C-in-C, PM, General, whatever title Girkin today wants to give himself will totally fit ‘his’ perception of himself – the man has I think officially ‘lost it’.
    He now has to be eradicated ASAP so as to reduce the number of lives lost, no doubt plans are afoot to do exactly that, thank goodness.
    By the way Russia, how does it feel to make an enemy of nearly a whole continent and populations around the world by supporting a blatantly open racist?

    1. Do you remember Russia’s former “Secretary of the Interior” ? The one Putin had to replace after he revealed on CNN that African refugees were being kept a thousand miles away from Moscow to “protect the survival of the white race”? Not long ago it was commonplace to hear educated Russians claim that the presence of “the negroid race” and interracial breeding was destroying the U.S. from within…. racism does not embarrass Putin’s Russians.

  3. So Borodai has fled. Didn’t he believe enough in his cause to fight to the death? Or maybe he needed a reassuring cuddle with his bum chum VP in Moscow.

    1. Pushilin got out the day after MH17 went down; he probably realized his latest Ponzi scheme, the DNR, was starting to fall apart and that it was time to skip town before he got caught.

  4. You may recall that there were reports that the “separatists” had kidnapped some Nigerians students in Donetsk.

    1. Yes, I remember that! OK I wondered where they could have seen any dark skinned people in this country. Now it all makes sense! They kidnapped them, killed them, and planted them with uniforms and equipment from Ukraine!

  5. “a sullen and dishevelled Girkin”. For gods sake Girkin use your head. Where are these Nazis Putins talking about? Have you captured any? Have you killed any? You figure it out.

  6. Please Russia is a racist, anti-semtic country. Do you really think it bothers them to have an insane man heading their army in Ukraine. Putler and his kremlin are crazy.

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