"Ukraine, expect us": More Russian soldiers brag of invasion

Social media has proved an effective tool for outing controversial figures in Ukraine, with Euromaidan Press editors exposing Russian cossack mercenaries, selfie-taking border guards, and MH17 looters. More recently, online postings by Russian soldiers have shown Moscow’s implicit hand in shelling Ukraine with artillery and rockets from across the border. While US satellite images have proven these assertions, these first hand accounts convey malice and mentality that stills from sky cannot.

chug main
Mikhail Chugunov vk.com account

Meet Mikhail Chugunov, a Russian soldier deployed to the border town of Millerovo, Rostov Oblast as recently as July 13. In an artillery unit, Chugunov makes a habit of posing with Grad multiple-rocket launcher trucks. His recent photos include one of his convoy with the caption: “Grads to Ukraine…” Another shows an IL-76 transport plane captioned, “we have vehicles and drivers on the border.”

[Editor’s note: Excuse the crude Google translations in the screenshots]


"IL-76 is designed for transportation, we have vehicles and drivers on the border"
“IL-76 is designed for transportation, we have vehicles and drivers on the border”
"Grads to Ukraine"
“Grads to Ukraine”


Presumably on that very IL-76 is Sanya Zakharov, who posts “On the road to the Ukrainian border” on July 10, and then “we are waiting for loading onto the airplane” on the 11th. His current status is “on the border with Ukraine.”

Two of Chugunov’s unit comrades are Evgeny Bortsov and  Pasha Dyugurov, who post ominous replies to one of Mikhail’s photos of his Grad convoy: “Ukraine, expect us” says Dyugurov, “Ukraine is waiting for us artillery gunners! 🙂” exclaims Bortsov.

bort pasha



Written by Matthew Babiak is a political science graduate from the University of Toronto. Article and sourcing assistance by Dr. Vitalii Usenko, MD, MBA, expert of the Center of Military-Political Studies in the sphere of psychology of communications, Edmond Huet,  Euromaidan Press armament and military questions specialist, consultant to French TV and radio and Rafael Brzęczyszczykiewicz

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  1. It is a shame to see such young lives about to be squandered; human sacrifices to Putin’s insanity.

      1. Tragically, if they come to Ukraine and die, it will be for Putin’s paranoid megalomania and not for Russia or the Russian people.

    1. I’ll always remember a comment I heard several decades ago of a young German who refused to join the army and carry a gun. He said he didn’t want to become some government bureaucrat’s “killing machine”. Sad but true.

      1. Sad, but a lot of protected eurotrash and other liberal/progressive/socialists are like that. They depend upon others with guns to protect them from the people that have guns that want to do them wrong. They are little more than parasites, so at least they could just shut their mouths and let others carry the burden of taking care of them.

  2. Okay, so Putin both believes that Maidan was a geopolitical project by the West to bring about a collapse of his government and also that Maiden was a facist nazi coup against Yanukovych, against the majority of the wishes of most Ukrainians.

    1. Most of the putin-ganda is for russians themselves as they have always been an ignorant people. And of course the “useful idiots” in the west, but they are a tiny minority.

  3. For any out there that continue to apologize and make excuses for Putin, his regime, and his state controlled media, this is the result of all that propaganda about the ‘neo-Nazi banderites who committed a coup and have a military junta” government>>>young dumbasses like Mikhail Chugunov, Evgeny Bortsov, Sanya Zhakharov and Pasha Dyugurov being sent to fight for a megalomaniac tyrant and his dreams of reviving the Soviet empire, with Ukraine under his boot heel…hopefully they will come to realize their stupidity before they lie in pieces in a field crying for their mother…

    Putin, Lavrov, Borodai, “Strelkov”/Girkin and all the other war criminals will hopefully be visited by a lot of ghosts in the future asking ‘why’……

  4. I noticed their belt buckles still have the soviet star with the hammer and sickle. Sort of explains Putler’s mentality

  5. Jesus! What a bunch of knuckle heads. Have they ever heard of Operational Security. If this is an example of the NEW Russian army then UA has a lot less to worry about than the world thinks.
    Unlike the Russian Army the Ukraine Army has been doing a four month live fire excersize. That’s four months of living in the field doing it for real.The tanks, grunts artillery have all had to learn what works and what doesn’t the hard way. No amount of training can teach you. Much of the dead wood and fat have trimmed. Even the units that have not fought have had to prepare for the possibility.
    So if Russia wants to come across the boarder, let em! It’s their funeral.

    1. Hi Murf! I agree with you, Russian army is not so strong, as it wants to look like. Ukraine is not Chechnya, they would need couple of times more soldiers and equipment. Another issue, Russia is a huge country, they need to keep their army units all over the country, from Europe to the Far East, from the north to the Caucasus mountains. To ride a country like Ukraine is one issue, to occupy is much more difficult, and the economy of Russia is weak, with sanctions will be even weaker.
      Regards 🙂

      1. Correct. Russia still has their rapists/looters/murderers in Chechnya, Dagestan, and Ingushetia. And russia, being a corrupt cesspool, can only have a conscript army, not a professional one, so they can only do their best work against unarmed men, women and children.

        neo-soviet putin is doing this to re-assure the soviet dictator lukashenko in belarus and also as a warning to other countries if they try and break free of the neo-soviet russian boot on their throat.

        1. Not all countries are buying into bully Russia’s tactics. See this about Finland from ‘defencenews’:
          Russia is offering Finland potentially large-scale sub-contracting contracts to support its military modernization programs.

          Moscow has repeated its desire, in these talks, that Finland reject NATO membership and instead forge a closer defense relationship with Russia. Moscow has also reiterated its desire for Russia to become the primary supplier of military hardware to Finland’s armed forces.

          However, the position adopted by Finland’s negotiators is that the door to NATO membership will “remain open.”

          To date Finland is going to have a referendum on deciding to join NATO.

          1. Good for Finland.
            East or West they need to do what is in THEIR best interest.
            Buying exclusively from Russia would be ill advised given recent events.
            Fellow Baltic states that share their defense concerns would be far better. They have some excellent weapons systems.

      2. Hay Adam! Russia had it’s best chance in March the UA military was in total disarray with only 15% of it’s units combat effective. Pretty much just the NATO Partnership units like the 95th Paras. The units never seriously trained and had equipment taken from them and sold over seas. You could call it a soft cap army as apposed to a hard cap (helmet) which you wear in the field for training.
        I imagine the command structure was in worst shape with a Senior officers having to pay 75k USD for promotion. Additionally many senior leaders viewed NATO as the greater threat and the Russians as “Brothers”
        Well that’s changed a lot in the last 5 months.
        I am sure they have along way to go but at least they have hard combat experience and hopefully some real leaders have risen to important positions who will be determined to shape the Army into a formidable fighting force their people can be proud of.

        1. For most, WWII in europe ended in 1945. The brave Ukrainians kept fighting the soviet russian trash for another 11 years.
          Now Ukrainians are having to do it again, as did the Chechens, Dagestani, Ingush, Georgians, Crimeans.
          Russia is an ebola like plague.

  6. This might seem to digress a little but I wanted to point out how many people in east Ukraine eventually saw through the false propaganda being spread by Russia. My feeling is that the Russian special forces literally hijacked the cause of east Ukrainians. See this in rough translation:

    Resident of Donetsk to the separatist leader Gubaryov (a Nazi of the “Russian National Unity”):

    Mr. Gubaryov, allow me a question. I’m real Donezkerin, lived here 60 years. Maybe now I can not live here anymore after this question … I want to ask you a question: With whom I have spoken, relatives, neighbors, nobody has insulted us. I spoke Russian here your whole life. Nobody ever followed, I worked … Do you understand? I do not see this “fascists”, “Bandera-trailer”, “nationalists”. Where are they? Show me one who has suffered here in peacetime under “Bandera supporters” or the “rights industry”! To whom will you please defend us? Our main concern here is poverty, you shall defend us from poverty, not before “fascists”! “

    1. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your ethnic heritage. I my self am Irish-American and am also from the southern states. We have some “Separatists” tendencys. But this Ukraine business never had a good out come for the people of Donebas. Just look at what is has happened to South Ossitia and is happening to Crimea (400% inflation among other things.)
      Hopefully people can eventually put is behind them and rebuild the area. I know it will take time Many people here in the US South are still nursing grudges from 150+ years ago (And that’s a LONG time in this country!)
      But it can happen.

  7. Putin will NOT die from natural causes. Guaranteed.
    The stupid katzapy will need considerable time to pick up his many pieces of goat flesh prior to the mockal funeral.

  8. you won’t get anything from your vile propaganda, the peopele in the west don’t buy into it. We are just waiting for getting rid of our governments that are vassals of the still Empire of Chaos that is the US

    1. lol, “the west”? Are you some liberal/progressive eurotrash or something?
      Is your government check late this month or something?

    2. The one year conscripts in the Russian army will be slaughtered by the ferocious revolutionary soldiers of Ukraine.

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