United Kingdom & Emirates strike deals with Ukraine to arm and instruct military

UAE Ukraine deal

The United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates have struck substantial deals to better equip Ukraine’s armed forces as the country seeks to rapidly equip, train, and modernize its military in the face of war with Russia. In separate deals, the UAE will supply Ukraine with armaments and military hardware, while the Britain will provide necessary medical, intelligence, logistics and infantry training.

The deployment of up to 75 British Armed Forces personnel to Ukraine will begin as soon as next week as part of what the Ministry of Defense called a “training mission.” While a seemingly small contingent, the deployment of British troops to Ukraine would mark a significant boost in assistance relative to the benign non-lethal aid received to date.

“Over the course of the next month we’re going to be deploying British service personnel to provide advice and a range of training, to tactical intelligence to logistics, to medical care,” British Prime Minister Cameron told lawmakers during a session of parliament. “We’ll also be developing an infantry training program with Ukraine to improve the durability of their forces.”

In parallel to Cameron’s statements, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the signing of a deal on military and technical cooperation with the United Arab Emirates during a tour of the IDEX 2015 arms expo in Abu Dhabi. Details on the much needed arms deal were scarce, with Ukrainian interior minister Anton Herashchenko vaguely noting it would involve the “delivery of certain types of armaments and military hardware to Ukraine.”

Ukrainian and UAE companies have previously worked together in the development and production of BTR-3 personnel carriers. Notably, the UAE Army maintains the second largest detachment of Russian-made BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles in the world outside of Russia.

Poroshenko had also reportedly planned to meet with chief Pentagon weapons buyer, Frank Kendall, at the show with the intent of finally securing U.S. weaponry to defend Ukraine from the ongoing Russian invasion.

In addition, Ukrainian companies were involved in several multi-million dollar contracts, including joint development of Superhind Mi-24 attack helicopters with a South African firm, as the country aims to expedite its military modernization process, Poroshenko later said in a news release. Ukraine’s Air Force has been battered in the conflict.

The Ukraine deals coincide with a flurry of activity to bolster military support in the Baltics, with Lithuania announcing a planned reintroduction of military conscription. The Lithuanian government’s motion will see its armed forces increase by 45% in size. Meanwhile, U.S. Soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment took part in a joint parade with Estonian forces in Narva, a city directly on the border with Russia. It was the second time U.S. forces took part in the annual parade, marking the 97th anniversary of Estonian Independence.

U.S. forces in Narva, Estonia during the military parade



12 thoughts on “United Kingdom & Emirates strike deals with Ukraine to arm and instruct military”

  1. This will violate the Minsk agreement
    Point 10 of the Minsk II Agreement clearly mandates:

    10. Withdrawal of all foreign armed formations, military
    equipment, as well as mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under
    monitoring of the OSCE. Disarmament of all illegal groups.

    Should these foreign forces wander into the territory of Ukraine under
    the OSCE’s monitoring mandate, they would be in direct violation of the
    However, just the presence of foreign military forces
    assisting the war-fighting capabilities of one side in the conflict is a
    violation of the spirit of the ceasefire agreement and is definitely an
    escalation of the conflict.

    1. “Mike”, Russia has already violated the agreement (so have the Ukrainians). What matters is whether or not the commanders on either side order large-scale offensives.
      The “separatists” are Russian agents, and their hardware and support have always come across the Russian border. If there’s been an escalation, the fault is Russia’s.
      Russia will not stop this intervention, so Ukraine shouldn’t be expected to play by farcical rules. Turn-about seems to be fair-play in war, too. Of course this could give Putin an excuse to escalate further, but he does not seem to require any excuses.

    2. And a stronger Ukrainian army would if anything give Putin and his agents pause when considering more combat.

    3. These are foreign military trainers, not “armed formations”

      Ukraine can buy weapons from whomever it wants. Once they own it, its not foreign.

      The only foreign armed forces in Ukraine are Russians.

    4. And the spirit you refer to is that Russia and its terrorist agents ignore the so called ceasefire and everyone else is supposed to abide by it. The cock eyed logic and blatant lying of the Russian state would do credit to the long line of despots and genocidal dictators from Ivan the Terrible to Stalin. It is almost funny that anyone can be so ignorant, but then you can buy anything in Russia with bottle of Vodka.

  2. The Russians have broken both Minsk agreements by flooding Ukraine with both men and supplies and by continuing to shell Ukrainian positions with artillery. Russia must be stopped from its blatant agression against the sovereign nation of Ukraine and it’s civilians.

  3. Canadians and Americans get off your butts and contribute. USA give Ukraine a few drones to shove up the ass of the russian bear.

  4. 11 more mockal invaders have successfully been killed in E. Ukraine.
    More will die in Crimea before we are finished with them.
    Lavrov will be exterminated before put-put-putin.
    Smert mockalyam.

  5. the Don Bass did,n’t have the ammunition to last this long documented too , where did the surplus ammunitions come from ? fell out the sky like Icarus would be Kremlin’s response and that tardy little statement by Putin about yesterdays taxis drivers and tractors drivers,, petty little leader, here,s petty” oops there goes the Custom Union Vlad @

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